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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Trimming & Pruning in Newton, CT

Tree Removal Newtown, CT

Protecting The Health Of Your Trees Since 1980

If you have a sick or unsightly tree, make Connecticut Tree Doctor LLC in Newtown, CT your first call. Equipped with a 75-foot bucket truck, we can maneuver around any number of challenges to perform the services you need.
Tree Shaping Newtown, CT

Tree Pruning: Shaping Your Trees

If you are planting fresh trees and wish for them to be shaped a specific way as they develop, we can prune them to your specifications. If you have a tree that has already matured and grown into an unfavorable position, we can prune and cable it to redirect and reshape your tree as you wish.
Overgrown Branches Newtown, CT

Tree Trimming: Clear Broken & Overgrown Branches

Whether your branches have suffered from strong winds, heavy snow or improper pruning, we are happy to clean your tree up! We are fully equipped to reach branches in the oddest of places, safely and cleanly.
Brush Removal Newtown, CT

Brush Removal

Upon trimming or pruning your trees, we will be sure to clean up all leaves, branches and general debris associated with our work. There’s no sense in cleaning up your trees just to leave your lawn a mess!
Lot Clearing Newtown, CT

Lot Clearing

Whether you’re building a new home, business or renovating with a home addition, we can clear your lot of all trees, stumps, and debris. Start your construction project with a truly clean slate.
Tree Injections Newtown, CT

Tree Injections

If you have a sick tree that is experiencing oak wilt or a bacterial infection like leaf scorch, we can inject your tree’s trunk with the right “medicine” to work on saving it. We are called the Connecticut Tree Doctor Incs for a reason.
HOA Lot Maintenance Newtown, CT

HOA Lot Maintenance And Set Up

If you live in a neighborhood managed by an HOA, it is important to keep your landscaping and trees fresh. We can prune a tree from early growth to a specified shape, or trim your trees back if they’ve become unsightly.

Experienced Certified Arborists

Call the team at Connecticut Tree Doctor Incs to work with certified arborists who truly know Connecticut. Contact us at 203-270-0306 today!

Certified Arborists Newtown, CT

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