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Our Tree Removal Services Include:

Complete Tree Removal

We can take down any sized tree in just about any location. If your tree has suffered damage from a storm, infestation or has become diseased, we can remove the tree before it spreads to the others. If you’re just opening space for a better view, we do that too!
Stump Grinding Newtown, CT

Stump Grinding

Upon removing a tree, there can be an unsightly stump left in the lawn. This can be dangerous for children playing or during lawn care. They can also be hazardous to your home’s water and waste pipes, as they will try to grow through or around them. Our arborists will use a top of the line stump grinder to clear the area, and can utilize our partnered landscaping company, A & L Landscaping, to level the ground for clean grass, or to put in a small garden!

Brush Removal Newtown, CT

Brush Removal

Once a tree has been removed, there’s usually a bit of a mess left behind — but we do not leave it there! We’ll clear the space of any debris left over from sawing the trunk and limbs, as well as stump grinding. Your space will be left free and clear from any sign of the tree that we removed.
Lot Clearing Newtown, CT

Lot Clearing

If you are setting up for residential or commercial construction and need a lot cleared of trees, we’re the team for the job. If you need those trees ground down into mulch for landscaping, we’ll bring the wood chipper and leave it wherever you’d like.
HOA Lot Maintenance Newtown, CT

Custom Saw Milling

Whether you are clearing land or have taken down a few trees, we offer custom saw milling services to help you make the most out of your logs.
Brush Removal Newtown, CT

HOA Lot Maintenance & Set Up

If you live in an HOA neighborhood and need to remove, prune or trim your trees to ensure your lot is up to code, we’re happy to help.


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Lot Clearing Newtown, CT

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